King Salmon & Pacific Halibut: 

  • $250 a person
  • Private charter for half day: $1,280.
  • Private charter full day: $1,500 for a single specie or $1,800 for a combo trip which is 2 specie (up to 6 people)
Rockfish trips to the cape of Mendocino:
  • $250 per person  with a boat minimum of 4 people
  • No half days due to the distance to fishing grounds
  • $15 fillet fee per person
Private charter Humboldt bay trips for California halibut, jetty rockfish/lingcod, bat rays and sharks:
  • $250 per person – full day
  • $200 a person 1/2 day
  • Shark and bat ray trips are half day only
  • 6-8 hours or limits
  • $15 fillet fee per person
Combo trips for Salmon, Halibut and Rockfish:
  • $300 per person
Albacore trips:
  • Depending on travel distance albacore will vary from $400-500 per person with a boat minimum of $1600.
  • Except long hours (8-12)
  • Be prepared bring all your personal amenities . warm and cold cloths, sun protection, food & water, license, cooler for fish
  • To book a specific day for a tuna trip, you need to reserve the whole boat and if we don’t have the weather to go for tuna it will turn into a 4 person max inshore trip @ $900 for the whole boat, I can put you on a open load standby tuna list for specific days when possible.
  • $5 fillet fee per fish
Crab trips:
  • $80 a person for up to two hours or limits for the boat
  • Boat minimum will vary for different fishing trips due to distance and cost.
  • All fishing trips are up to 8 hours or limits from departure from the dock to the return to the dock.
  • Due to unpredictable weather conditions, trips can and will be cut short for safety reasons. refunds will be depended on the certain circumstances  due to the nature of the present situation.
  • Reservations can be held with a credit card number or a check. Cancellations within 21 days of a reservation and no shows will be charged the full amount if the seats can’t be filled.
  • Albacore trips usually are an all day event – expect long hours!

MicahOcean Rates