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ocean fishing

The past few months have been filled with rockfish, lingcod and halibut trips. Pacific Halibut is now closed at the start of early August. We will continue to take reservations for rockfish/lincod, california halibut, albacore and salmon and steelhead trips on the klamath and rogue rivers. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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2023 Ocean Season

The 2023 ocean season on the  north coast is officially under way! The weather has allowed us to get out twice since opening day, which was May 1st. Rockfish will be opening shorty on the 15th of May. We are taking reservations for Pacific Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, California Halibut, Tuna and Whale watching, out of Eureka and Trinidad Harbors. Please note that our Pacific Halibut fishery is a QUOTA BASED SYSTEM! This means that when we reach our quota (39,050 lbs) the season is over, with less then a days notice at times! I feel with the Salmon season closed, our quota will not last long, possibly to mid July at the latest.

Lost Coast Sport Fishing will be trying something new this year for the customers! WE have decided to expand the fishing opportunities for our customers and will be taking reservations for Pacific Halibut, Silver Salmon, Rockfish, Lingcod and Albacore Tuna, out of Brooking Harbor in southern Oregon. For more information feel free to call, text or email Captain Micah Woolworth at

bigkahuna2023 Ocean Season
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It’s been a busy month !! The halibut bite has been up and down the past month, while the rock fish and lingcod have been consistent. Salmon just re opened in the ocean yesterday. A few fish were found in Eureka and Trinidad, but nothing crazy as of now. Its a big ocean and we need a fleet to find them!! That being said , there is albacore tuna being caught 12 miles out of shelter cove as of Yesterday too.

At the end of August we will be putting most of our efforts into the Klamath river for Salmon and Steelhead. It is looking like we are going to get a excellent return this year! We are taking reservations from late August to late October. Availability is limited! If you are interested in getting in on the action feel free to give us a call or send us a message for more details.


”Keep It Reel”


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Halibut are on the bite


Salmon season was the best  I have seen in 7 years out of Eureka!! 8 days of fishing for Lost Coast Sport Fishing In the season of May and we had our boat limits every day. That means we were getting the captain’s limit as well!

Now we have our hooks deep into the California and pacific halibut seen, as well as the lingcod and rockfish. Fishing for the pacific halibut has been excellent, it has also been trying as well. The most prolific black cod abundance on the halibut grounds complicate things. WE are chewing through bait 10 times faster than a regular day. Hopefully  they swim somewhere else but I’m  skeptical due to the shear volume from the Cape of Mendocino to Trinidad. That being said we and the crew are still grateful for boat limits, even if it takes some elbow grease to make it happen.

bigkahunaHalibut are on the bite
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Eureka Salmon Fishing

The month of May can be known for unpredictable weather. This May has been no different! I have fished 7 days in May as of the 27th due to weather conditions, that being said, all 7 days we have got our limit of Salmon for the boat!! I don’t know if I have ever caught 10-14 Salmon for boat limits that many times back to back. Yesterday we got limits of rockfish and salmon, the crew was extra STOKED!!

We have a few fishable days left in May and I hope to repeat what I’ve been doing. We are taking reservations for Pacific Halibut, California Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, Albacore and Salmon when it reopens in August. I hope to see you on the water.

bigkahunaEureka Salmon Fishing
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