Northern California Fly Fishing

Rivers Edge Fishing Guide Adventures provides the same quality experience as it does for conventional gear anglers.

Getting to the fish

Success for fly anglers often means getting away from crowded banks and pressured fish.  A drift boat opens up innumerable fishing opportunities and allows fly anglers access to water that could never be reached by wading.  The drift boat can also put an angler in a strategic casting position making for better presentation and increased hookups.

For more technical sections of river Rivers Edge has a white water raft.  Rafting is an exciting way to travel the river and also grants access to water that few anglers if any ever fish.  The most challenging spots to access often provide the best fishing, especially for the fly angler.


Rivers Edge will provide the rods, reels and line necessary to quarrel with the resident and sea run fish of the Klamath and Trinity Systems and your guide will help you choose the correct fly patterns and presentations to increase your chances of success on the river.  Rivers edge equips clients with high performance switch rods and single handed rods suitable for the conditions and style of angling.  Your guide will keep on hand a selection of basic flies and beads, however, clients are encouraged to bring their own selection.  It is best to call in advance to receive information on what patterns are best for current conditions.  Additionally, clients should come prepared with waders, hats, gloves, sunscreen and other basic supplies.

Year round opportunity

Starting in May and into August the upper Trinity river provides the fly enthusiast a chance to catch trophy brown trout, the occasional summer run steelhead and plenty of scrappy half pounders.  Summer time provides conditions and water levels ideal for single handed rods, lighter lines and smaller flies.  Nymphs, streamers and egg patterns will be top producers.

As the summer transitions into fall more steelhead begin to enter the Klamath and Trinity systems.  These fish are willing biters and hard fighters.  These chrome steelhead can be caught using most conventional fall steelhead patterns and beads.  Switch rods and sinking tips are generally used as fly size increases.  Autumn also sees the the return of adult chinook salmon.   

As fall gives way into winter heavy adult steelhead take dominance in the river systems.  Large winter steelhead require patience and persistence but offer one of the highest rewards for fly anglers.  Winter steelhead are more challenging to catch and require more advanced angling skills such as making long casts with heavy sinking line and weighted flies.  Winter also means cold weather so it is wise to come prepared with the correct clothing.

In the spring  the temperatures begin to rise and steelhead remain the primary target, although, spring run chinook can also be caught with the right flies and presentation.  Spring can also mean high flows and more challenging conditions.

Equipment we use

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