River Reports

Chetco River Fishing Update

Finally we have been able to fish the Chetco river the past 10 daysWe have had decent to average results fishing out of Brookings Oregon. The river has been up and down with flows due to many weather systems passing through the area. Fishing from the South Fork put in down to Social Security river bar take out has been the ideal float for us.  Our best day was hooking 8 and landing 2. We will be fishing where ever the fishing is best in Southern Oregon and Northern California this season . We have availability for February and March. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Angler IncChetco River Fishing Update
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January 2024 Fishing Report

The past ten days we have had many important rain events that help draw big pushes of fish into the Smith and Chetco rivers! Fishing with clients and my good friend Mario, we landed this nice wild buck on the Smith river. Due to recent precipitation levels, we have been fishing high water conditions. The thing that makes the Smith so special is it can flood with crazy amounts of water, rise 5′ and drop out into suitable fishing  conditions the next day. Without this river in our back yard, all the fishing guides in northern California and  southern Oregon would have half the days in a season.

So far the fish have just started to pour into the rivers roughly ten days ago. Big numbers are coming from the fisherman on the bank and the fishermen in  boats as well. Today we got blown off the water and the river came up and blew out on us by eleven am. That being said, we will be back on the water tomorrow eager to to see what comes our way. We have availability! Don’t be shy  to text, call or email us for more info or to book your next fishing adventure.

”Keep It Reel”

bigkahunaJanuary 2024 Fishing Report
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The 2024 Winter steelhead season is officially here!

The 2024 Winter steelhead season is officially here! Once again we are being blessed with ample amounts of rainfall so far here on the North Coast and Southern Oregon. There has been small patches of fish pushing up some of the rivers since early December. It’s been spotty, but time on water has helped a lot of those ”Steelhead Junkies” to get their fix. We fished yesterday and got a big ZERO! Talking with locals and mutual colleagues, we have all agreed that every day more fish are showing up and soon it should be in full swing.

Here is a list of the rivers we will be primarily focusing on this winter. We will start from the north and end in the south. Umqua, Elk, Six’s, Rogue, Chetco, Smith, Klamath, Trinity, Mad, Van Duzen and the Eel rivers. If you feel the need for adventure, pristine beauty, and the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime, contact us via email, social media or a phone call. We hope to see you all on the water!

“Keep It Reel”

bigkahunaThe 2024 Winter steelhead season is officially here!
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New Dungeness crab season has open

The new Dungeness crab season has open as of yesterday, November 4th. Calm seas should give fisherman a great opportunity to harvest crabs, just before the ocean conditions start to change. Rain, wind and swells are predicted to pound the North Coast this weekend and into early next week. Fishing will pick up on  all the North Coast rivers with the predicted precipitation coming our way. Drift boats and power boats will be our tool to chase these world class fish. Our 28′ parker is our boat  to get you out on the crab grounds. We have availability for both fisheries. Give us a call or send us a message for more details.

bigkahunaNew Dungeness crab season has open
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A lot has happened in the past few weeks

A lot has happened in the past few weeks up here on the north coast. Pacific Halibut has recently closed in early August but we will still be fishing for California Halibut out of Humboldt bay. Rock fish and Lingcod have been fishing really well as usual. We are now getting ready for off shore Tuna trips out of Eureka harbor in the later part of this week.  We have availability for all these fisheries here on the north coast. Feel free to give a us a call or text for more details.

bigkahunaA lot has happened in the past few weeks
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