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Van Duzen River Fishing

Located in Northern California, tucked away in the giant redwoods, lies the Van Duzen river. The headwaters are derived out of the North Coast Mountain Range and ends as it enters the Eel river just next to the town of Fortuna. 3 main tributaries flow into the drainage to create the river. The Northfork, Little Van Duzen and Yager creek. King Salmon and Steelhead are the main species that inhabit this river. During the summer the river can be next to nothing when it comes to flowing water. Salmon start running up the river to their spawning grounds with the rain in late fall. Steelhead will start to trickle in around December and run through late March. The genetics are unique like many of the coastal rivers in the North Coast. Due to poor logging practices in the late 80’s, it takes quite some time to clear. The Salmon fishing season in November is close to 4 weeks at best. Steelhead season is a different deal all together. Fish can be caught throughout the Winter months and early spring.

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