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Located on the California and Oregon border, the Smith River has the reputation for producing some of the largest Salmon and Steelhead in California and Oregon. The river itself is the only undammed, undiverted river in the State of California. Its headwaters come from undeveloped wild country. The river is a fast moving, crystal clear system that offers some spectacular scenery.

The fishing season for the Smith kicks off with the big rains in late-October or early-November. Massive King Salmon, accompanied by Searun Cutthroat and the occasional Silver Salmon come flooding into the river system. The Salmon season on the Smith starts to slow down around Thanksgiving.

December is the transitional stage between lingering Salmon and the beginning of Steelhead season. Once January arrives, the Smith is in full swing for Winter Steelhead. Generally the Steelhead season on the Smith River will last into the early March.

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