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Trinity River Fishing Guide

The largest tributary to the Klamath, the Trinity starts at the confluence of the Klamath in Wichipek just off of Hwy 96. It winds along Hwy 299 till it reaches the outflow of the Lewistan dam. With the efforts of the Trinity River Restoration program, this river has a very bright future. Don’t get me wrong, the Trinity is one of the best fisheries in the state, but with the help of this program and the millions of dollars that are being poured into the preservation and restoration of this river, it won’t be long till it becomes one of the top fishing destinations on the West Coast. The Trinity River is one of the few rivers on the West Coast that has Steelhead in the system all year round.

The Trinity River has many small runs all year round. The largest runs are in the Fall and Winter. The Fall run will start around early-to-mid-September. The peak of the Fall run is in early-October. You can put together good days through late-October. Once the rains come, you will have a slow time from November to early-January. Once January comes, you have Winter Steelhead fishing through mid-March.

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