I spent the day salmon fishing on the Skykomish River in Washington with River’s Edge guide, Micah. His knowledge and passion for the sport is unbeatable and he was fun to hang out with. I would definitely recommend River’s Edge to anyone interested in having a fun and productive day fishing.
– Chris (New Braunfels, TX)

While in Northern California for a family reunion, my kids (7 and 10 years old) were lucky enough to have their cousins take them fishing on Ruth Lake with River’s Edge Fishing. They had such a blast! Their guide, Micah, was great with them. His experience and patience with the kids was outstanding. Both kids couldn’t wait to go fishing again. I give River’s Edge 5 stars and will be making a reservation next time we are in town.
– Becky (Kirkland, WA)

If fishing rivers and streams for steelhead and salmon is your passion and you have fished together over 50 years as we have, you have undoubtedly been out fishing with more than a few guides and you know they don’t all stack up the same. After you have run a gamut of dispassionate clock watchers, one method Mikes, know-nothing bait and switch brother-in-laws, hung-over Henry’s, bong-on-board Bob’s and fish kissing, river god posers you really come to appreciate an honest, hardworking guide like Micah Woolworth. We fished with Micah for two days and were impressed with his passion for fishing, the close attention given to his gear and his craft, his knowledge of the fishery and most importantly his ability to make a long day on the water seem way too short. We covered a lot of water fishing with Micah back bouncing, side drifting and plugging for salmon and steelhead and brought a lot of fish to the boat on a day when fishing was tough for most. After our experience with Micah there is no doubt; if we are fishing north coast rivers he’s the guy we want pulling the oars.
– Jon & Jim Bombaci (Santa Cruz, California)

So, What’s it like going fishing with Micah Woolworth as your fishing guide on the Klamath River in Early September? Originally, we, I and two of my fishing buddies that I have known and been best friends with for over 35 years, were going to go fishing the first part of September. Micah called and said that the Klamath was blocked at the mouth and the fish were not running so it would not be productive. We moved the date to the 9th as the government authorities would be opening the Lewiston, Trinity River Dam, to increase the water flow, to enable the Salmon and Steelhead to migrate. We met Micah in Willow Creek at about 5:00 A.M. Mike asked if we had our fishing licenses and Salmon and Steelhead tags. He was just making sure we were legal.

We proceeded to a drop off point below Wietchpec on the Klamath River .My two buddies stayed with the Drift boat and equipment while Micah and I motored down the river about 14 miles to the pickup point with our two respective vehicles. It was a little after 7:00 A.M. when we launched the drift boat. The sun was just coming over the mountain, we were shaded nicely by the steep valley with a slight cool breeze coming up from the ocean. Neither I or my buddies are in great physical shape or have had much experience fishing in a drift boat with an experienced fishing guide. Micah was extremely familiar with the River and the Runs. We were in the river for about 15 minutes and one of my Buddies caught and landed a beautiful fresh Salmon. A little while later he landed a Jack. In the meantime, I set a world record for the smallest “Sculpin”, approximately three inches. The fish may have been a trophy but I threw him back so he could swim out to the ocean and become a bigger fish. Neither my buddies or Michah could remember anyone catching such a small fish with such top notch fishing equipment.

Micah taught us some nice skills as you have to fish with Barbless hooks so it really is important to continuously reel as you pull down on the fish. The equipment was first class and Michah made sure that we made several runs on areas where we were getting hits. I had another fish on but he got off. My other buddy pulled in a nice 16 and ½ inch steel head and I caught a nice 14 and 1/2 inch steelhead. We watched wild brown bears by the side of the river and the scenery was panoramic and breathtaking. While floating over ripples it was amazing to watch the migrating steelhead scatter upstream Micah had his techniques down to a science with bouncing betties and nylon weights and showed us the appropriate way to bait a hook while using yarn and fish pills.

We were on the river about eight hours-had a unbelievable experience surrounded by beauty with great company and a guide who enjoyed being there as much as we did. Anyway, my buddies and I had a discussion after the trip and we all agreed that next year when Micah gives us a call to let us know when the fish are running we will be anxious to take another trip. In the old days we would have done all the work ourselves but it really is nice to have an experienced guide and let him do all the heavy lifting. A GREAT MEMORIAL EXPERIENCE WAS HAD BY ALL-AND WE PLAN ON DOING IT AGAIN!
– Bill O’Brien, State Farm Agent and avid fisherman.

Being a California native I have fished for salmon and steelhead with many different guides, and years later I still find myself calling Micah for another trip. Even on the slow days, he can make the fishing day pass by with the same boat moral as if we were having the best fishing day of the season.
-Rob Langdon, Ben Lomond, California

Fishing with Micah was my first west coast steelhead experience. I’ve gone on guided trips all over the world and I would still have to say Micah was the most on top of it when it came to doing everything he could to make sure I got on the river with good conditions and had a successful fishing trip.
-AJ, Portland, Maine

Micah’s knowledge of rivers and fishing is impressive, and it shows by the number of fish I’ve been able to bring in on his boat. He’s taken me down the Klamath, Chetco, and Trinity Rivers; wherever the fish are biting, Micah will make sure you find them. I have a great time every time I fish with Micah, as I’m sure I will for years to come.
-Johnny Lloyd, Selma, Oregon

I had a great time fishing with Micah. Even though it wasn’t the best day for fishing, I was impressed with his thoroughness of each run. It was obvious how much he wanted us to catch fish, and he put out the effort to prove it. I’ve never been with a guide that fished me from sun up until sun down.
-Maggie, Matsu Valley, Alaska