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A new year and a new steelhead season

063 The new Steelhead season has had its ups and downs! The rivers were blown out for most of November, to the New Year. Every day has been different! It would appear that the average day is anywhere from 1 to 5 opportunities, or fish per boat. The good news is that all the fish coming to the boat are BIG! The average fish is weighing about 10-12 pounds, and up to the high teens.

Its still early for the new season! With 1.5-2” of rain last Friday and Saturday, the rivers should start to fish around mid week. I expect a fresh push of Winter Steelhead to come with the decreasing flows and Ocean conditions!

I will start fishing Thursday on the Mad, or Eel rivers! Give us a call, or send a message if you have any question.

– Micah064

MicahA new year and a new steelhead season