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The rivers are in shape and the Steelhead are bitting! Fishing with Megan and Sherry of Arcata California, we put together a great day of Steelhead fishing.

There are still some days available for fishing! Give us a call or send us an email for more information.


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Winter Steelhead

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There hasn’t been much to report this winter for Steelhead due to the high amounts of precipitation. The rivers have been consistently dirty for well over a month now!

This week there was a small window on the upper Trinity! The fishing was not red hot but, every day we had a few opportunities and boated a fish or two!

MicahWinter Steelhead
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Fall fishing is on fire

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061The Fall fishing has been strong for weeks now! The Trinity and Klamath Rivers are pumping out great numbers of Steelhead and Salmon. Steelhead are ranging from 3 to 10 lbs and the salmon are anywhere from 6 to 30 lbs! With preventive fish kill flows at 1000 cvs till the 22nd of september, it looks like there will be no fish kill this season.

Limits of Salmon are coming to the boat daily! There seems to be more wild Steelhead around then hatchery. One out of every 10 Steelhead is a hatchery fish! Fresh fish are pushing though the Klamath River mouth every day!

Give us a call or send an email for more info.062

MicahFall fishing is on fire
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A new year and a new steelhead season

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063 The new Steelhead season has had its ups and downs! The rivers were blown out for most of November, to the New Year. Every day has been different! It would appear that the average day is anywhere from 1 to 5 opportunities, or fish per boat. The good news is that all the fish coming to the boat are BIG! The average fish is weighing about 10-12 pounds, and up to the high teens.

Its still early for the new season! With 1.5-2” of rain last Friday and Saturday, the rivers should start to fish around mid week. I expect a fresh push of Winter Steelhead to come with the decreasing flows and Ocean conditions!

I will start fishing Thursday on the Mad, or Eel rivers! Give us a call, or send a message if you have any question.

– Micah064

MicahA new year and a new steelhead season
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Hot Fall Weather And Fishing

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Fishing in 90 degree weather on the klamath River yesterday, was more than EPIC!! There are not many days you can catch Salmon and Steelhead with shorts and sandals this time of the year, in Northern California. Chrome,dark,and bronze colored fish are bitting everything that comes there way. For first time fisherman in the boat I don’t think they could have had a more memorable and productive day! We started loosing count after we landed 9 fish. Its hard to say how many we hooked and lost but on days like that I don’t think it matters. The average size fish ranged from six to twenty pounds! By the end of the day we got our limits of Jacks and Steelhead. On the shuttle ride back to there car the guys were reminiscing about the day of fishing. They talked about the wildlife they saw and the diversity of the fish they landed but the conversation always went back to the one that got away!
The fishing conditions for the Klamath and Trinity Rivers looks like it will go to mid November. We still have some days available for October and November! Give us a call for more info or send us a message at or on Facebook. Hope to see you soon,

– Micah066

MicahHot Fall Weather And Fishing
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