klamath river

Get Ready for Winter Steelhead 2022!

We are getting ready for our new winter steelhead season from late December 2022, to the end of March 2023.

Focussing on the north coast rivers in northern California and the southern coastal rivers in Oregon, we will be chasing these world class fish at any and every possible opportunity.

Not much has changed for this up coming season when it comes to “Bent Rods And Big Smiles”. We do have a new arrow in the quiver we would like to share with you all!! Lost Coast Sport Fishing has acquired the wild and scenic CHETCO RIVER PERMIT. Offering the whole river from the South fork to Social Security river bar, will create a world class experience.

We hope to see you all on the river and don’t forget to….

“Keep It Reel”

MicahGet Ready for Winter Steelhead 2022!
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It’s been a busy month !! The halibut bite has been up and down the past month, while the rock fish and lingcod have been consistent. Salmon just re opened in the ocean yesterday. A few fish were found in Eureka and Trinidad, but nothing crazy as of now. Its a big ocean and we need a fleet to find them!! That being said , there is albacore tuna being caught 12 miles out of shelter cove as of Yesterday too.

At the end of August we will be putting most of our efforts into the Klamath river for Salmon and Steelhead. It is looking like we are going to get a excellent return this year! We are taking reservations from late August to late October. Availability is limited! If you are interested in getting in on the action feel free to give us a call or send us a message for more details.


”Keep It Reel”


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Fishing on Klamath Trinity rivers

I have been on the Klamath and Trinity rivers the past week! The fishing has been different every day. One day we hook one and the next day we hook six! We have caught Fall run and fresh Winter run Steelhead, to large native Brown Trout and Half Pounders. The weather forecast looks promising for the next few days! It seems that we will have enough precipitation to lift the low flow closures on all the coastal rivers. If the weather follows through with the predictions, its hard to say where I’m fishing next! There is going to be a lot of action in all the rivers no matter which one I choose. This potential fishing coming up could be one for the books with all the fish stacked up in the estuaries. Send a message or give us a call for more information!

MicahFishing on Klamath Trinity rivers
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