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Halibut are on the bite


Salmon season was the best  I have seen in 7 years out of Eureka!! 8 days of fishing for Lost Coast Sport Fishing In the season of May and we had our boat limits every day. That means we were getting the captain’s limit as well!

Now we have our hooks deep into the California and pacific halibut seen, as well as the lingcod and rockfish. Fishing for the pacific halibut has been excellent, it has also been trying as well. The most prolific black cod abundance on the halibut grounds complicate things. WE are chewing through bait 10 times faster than a regular day. Hopefully  they swim somewhere else but I’m  skeptical due to the shear volume from the Cape of Mendocino to Trinidad. That being said we and the crew are still grateful for boat limits, even if it takes some elbow grease to make it happen.

bigkahunaHalibut are on the bite