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Chetco River fishing

Well, the last few weeks on the Chetco river has been one for the books!! We have caught Steelhead in all conditions from brown water to clear water. I have to tip my hat to the brood stock program up here in Oregon. They have an amazing program!! Being apart of the program and able to chose the genetics has been an amazing experience. The weather has been sunny and warm, what more can a steelhead fisherman ask for??

Most fish have been coming on the bead. The boat pressure has been busy during the green water days. Most of the boaters were happy to be on the river chasing steelhead which is nice! There is always a few knuckle heads out on the river trying to go against the grain, which is unfortunate. Its always nice when everyone has bent rods and big smiles!!

lets pray to the weather gods to keep bring us rain in southern Oregon and northern California. We all know we need it! I don’t know where I will be in the next week but stay tuned for the next fishing report.

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