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What to say about the Eel river…

Well, this river this year is a whole different  ball game than last year! Last year had fewer fish but the fish we caught were in the mid teens. This year we seem to be back to the old Eel river it once was.  An average of 8 to 12lbs fish going up to the low teen’s. Cold mornings and the usual 15-20 mph winds are making things interesting on the old Eel river! When we hook one its the same routine, screaming runs, toppled with 900’s out of the water, then running to any snag to break you off.  I must say, there is something to be said  about catching winter run steelhead in the old growth redwoods!!

The river herself is holding a great color and slowly dropping. We can thank the cold weather three weeks ago that brought a pile of snow in the surrounding mountains. This big water can make you scratch your head when it comes to making a decision on were to cast your lines. I feel the right move in these situations is TAKE YUOR TIME!! This being said, ” Keep it reel” and grind it out.

Having no rain in the near forecast is  scary to any steelhead fisherman! I think the weather these days is soooooo  unpredictable, expect anything! I will be sticking to my guns and working as hard as I can to make it happen for my clients, friends and courteous boaters. I will be fishing where ever the fish bring me, so stay in tuned and always “Keep it reel”!


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