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last few days of the 2022 steelhead season

Unfortunately the 2022 winter steelhead  season seams to be coming to an end!  I wish it wasn’t so but with no rain in site, river mouths sanding in like its August or September and too much seal pressure at these shallow river mouths, it looks like its the end. Fishing the past two weeks has been hit or miss depending on the river. One day we will hook 3-5 adults and the next scratching for a bite.

At this point in time we will still be taking reservations for any steelhead opportunities left in the season, but we are turning  our sites and reservations to the ocean season that opens in May. We are taking reservations for the 2022 salmon, rockfish, lingcod, pacific halibut, California halibut and albacore tuna season. Feel free to call or send  a message for more details.

bigkahunalast few days of the 2022 steelhead season