Its been an interesting  season so far! Early rains in October brought all the right conditions for early salmon and steelhead. Unfortunately, the rain has disappeared! That being said, if you know when to make the right moves and have that invaluable experience, you can still make some epic days happen for your clients!

We, I mean my self and some core group of guide associates have been grinding hard and making these tough days into great days. It hasn’t been easy but what’s winter steelhead fishing without a challenge?? It gets really tough when most rivers are low and clear and or closed due to low flow closures. When these conditions occur it doesn’t give many options for all types off boaters. This will create some issues when it comes to RIVER FISHING/ETIQUETTE!! It seams these days etiquette isn’t  practiced as it once was. We are all here to do the same thing!! If we work together a little more we all would be more successful and have a much greater boating/fishing experience.

I’m a little late with my fishing report, I apologize! The past week and some I have been fishing the Eel, Klamath and Trinity rivers. It has been shockingly consistent for two to five adults mixed with plenty  of half pounders and magnums. Yesterday was my first zero on the Trinity river for adult Steelhead! We had our shots but none could stay on. All of us did stay entertained throughout the day with crazy warm weather and plenty of smaller fish. It appears that the wind will calm down for the next week, which is great!! This will put me back on the Eel river. Stay tuned and,


Keep It Reel…