River Report

new steelhead season

A new steelhead season has begun! There are early signs of fish entering many of the Northern California and Southern Oregon rivers. Cold weather systems from the north have brought rain on the coast and snow in the mountains. This much need precipitation is a gift from the weather gods for all steelhead junkies on the west coast.

We are taking reservations for January through March. There still are some weekends available! During the season sending a text or calling can reach me faster then social media or an email. Hope to hear from you soon!!


bigkahunanew steelhead season
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Fishing Report September 29th, 2021

The past few weeks on the Klamath river has been good fishing. Recently it has started to slow down due to the mouth sanding in. Today I had the day off but heard the mouth has blown open!! I will be back on the water tomorrow so stay tuned.

We will continue to fish the lower Klamath river out of the power boat till the fishing slows down to a grind. We will also be pursuing salmon and steelhead out of the drift boat on the Trinity and upper Klamath rivers. Don’t count out and fishing adventures on the ocean! We will be offering fishing trips for rockfish and Dungeness crab, and  possibly albacore tuna.
MicahFishing Report September 29th, 2021
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Fishing Report August 6th, 2021

Salmon season has come to an end for 2021 in norther California. It was a short season but we had some good days of fishing!
We have turned our sites to rockfish, lingcod, California halibut and albacore.
We also are taking reservations for the klamath river for king salmon and steelhead starting in September.
MicahFishing Report August 6th, 2021
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Fishing Report – July 29th, 2021

Fishing for salmon the past 10 days has been riddled with tough weather but awesome fishing. It looks like the next handful of days are going to be gorgeous weather and mild winds.

Salmon season ends four us but we will be pursuing rockfish, halibut and albacore.


MicahFishing Report – July 29th, 2021
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Fishing Report 7-14-2021

The past ten days have been a bust for the local fishing ports in Humboldt and Del Norte county’s. High winds up to 25 mph and a building swell have kept all the boats sitting in the harbors. 
I do have some good news though! We have been up on the klamath river for the past two weeks or more catching king salmon. Its been very consistent with most days hooking a lot of fresh chrome salmon. We are trolling anchovies with in-line spinner blades down in the estuary.  
It looks like the ocean will hopefully start to calm down this weekend, let’s cross our fingers for some decent weather and good fishing.
We are taking reservations for the fall run of salmon and steelhead on the klamath river. We are also taking reservations for rockfish California halibut and albacore in the ocean.

MicahFishing Report 7-14-2021
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