River Report

Fishing Report 6-3-2021

The past 3 weeks has been filled with weather, fish closures and a well rounded diversity of species. 
Pacific halibut is officially closed till next year! As of now it seems the salmon are all south of Eureka, in Fort Bragg and Bodega Bay. 
Rock fish and ling cod are still bitting well at the cape, Trinidad and Redding rock.
The ocean is looking rough through Friday potentially, so I will be trolling for spring run salmon at the estuary of the klamath river. We have had limits three days in a row and hoping there will be more to come.
MicahFishing Report 6-3-2021
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Big Fish

Fishing the past two weeks has been okay to a little slow. The good thing is that the fish we are catching are word class Winter Steelhead! We are expecting some weather for the next week, this will hopefully draw in some new fish. If you are looking for your trophy Steelhead THIS IS THE YEAR!!We still have some availability in February and March. Feel free to call or send a message for more info.


bigkahunaBig Fish
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Fishing the Smith River yester day was a great way to end a not so excellent year. The rains have finally come to the coast!! Fish are being caught on all the North Coast and Southern Oregon rivers. Some are clearly better than others but I feel this season is going to be a fishy one, with ample days to fish.  Please come and join us for the new 2021 Steelhead season on our 21′ North River jet boat or our 17′ Willie drift boat.

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2020 Steelhead season

Steelhead season is now in full swing! We have been getting decent amounts of rain since the new year. A new storm on Wednesday, appears to be bringing 1.5” to 2” of rain two the North Coast and Southern Oregon. With the past, and present precipitation, our local rivers have flushed out all the build up of debris, from the summer and fall.  Clearing and equalizing quickly, our rivers should be ready to fish by the weekend or early next week!

We will be turning our sights to the Smith river first! This river clears faster than all of the surrounding local rivers on the North Coast and Southern Oregon. With river levels moving up and down the past week and for this following week, it should produce new fish in all the river systems.

We still have some available dates for this Steelhead season so, stay tuned for the weekly fishing report or give us a call for more information.

bigkahuna2020 Steelhead season
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